Need finance to fuel your business? Need business funding fast?

Our sole mission is to help business owners secure the loans they need to grow their businesses.  SME business is the lifeblood of the South African economy, and yet, it’s amazing how high the odds are stacked against them. The biggest problem they have is access to capital.  Let’s face it:  we all know that businesses need money to make money.  Most business owners get denied by banks for business loans that can help their businesses grow.

That’s where LendLink can come to the rescue.  With an easy online application process, LendLink is committed to helping business owners find business loans without the hassle through a transparent application process.

Small business loans, corporate loans, company loans, business funding, working capital loans, SME funding, SMME funding, business finance options, private business loans, funds for small businesses, business investors, or company funding – call it what you want, we can help with financing!

What you use it for, is up to you!  Expand your business, revamp premises, factor invoices, acquire new assets, hire employees, settle debt, handle unexpected expenses, pay VAT, pay a deposit, pay tax, buy out a partner – whatever you need.

Make your business goals happen with fast online business funding.

➜ Submit your application form on this website.
➜ A loan manager will get in contact with you.
➜ Submit 6 months’ bank statements with the completed application form.
➜ A business assessment will be done.
➜ A credit loan is proposed and agreed to.
➜ Business loan funds are transferred to your bank account.
➜ You pay back the agreed amount until the business loan is settled.